Charrette Content & Timetable


Leading up to the Charrette event on the 16, 17, 18 and 19 March 2015 at the Riverside Museum, we will be holding a ‘pre-charrette’ event in Govan (Govan Market, Saturday 21st February) and Partick (Partick Market, Saturday 28th February).

At these events we will be speaking to you about “What makes Govan Cross” and “What makes Partick Cross”. These questions are a play on words but essentially we want to hear what you think about your own community as well as your views on your neighbours across the river.

We will also be speaking with young people through engagement with local high schools in each community as well as older people in the community through local groups and organisations.

The Charrette

An Opening Presentation will be held on the evening of Monday 16 March at the Riverside Museum. This presentation will include ‘what you have told us so far’ - the information that we have gathered through the various community events. In addition to this we will set the scene and outline the charrette process that will take place over the following three days.

Those attending the charrettes will include members of the community who sign up through this website as well as other stakeholders that include employers, housing providers, regeneration agencies and Glasgow City Council.

Day 1 of the charrette will include morning site visits and themed afternoon workshops which will look at the what makes Govan and Partick good places to Live, Work and Visit and what are the opportunities and constraints to making them better. The workshops will be facilitated by urban planning professionals that include urban designers, architects, landscape architects and engineers.

Day 2 will follow a similar format to that of Day 1, however, we will be able to form sub groups to carry out workshops on key priority areas that were identified during Day 1. The urban planning professionals will be working throughout both days to draw up the ideas as they emerge as well as presenting them to the wider group periodically for discussion and refinement. There will also be an opportunity during the charrette days to record your thoughts, opinions and ideas on film.

The conclusion of the charrette will take place on the evening of Thursday 19 March at the Riverside Museum by way of a Closing Presentation and screening of the emerging charrette film that will have been produced during the charrette days as well as from the pre-charrette community engagement events.

Charrette Timetable

All presentations, workshops and drop-in sessions are open to the public to attend in full or in part. We would be grateful if you have time to register to attend although this is not essential.

Opening Presentation: Monday 16 March, 1830 to 2000

Day 1:
Morning Workshops (site visits offered): 0930 to 1230
Afternoon Workshops: 1330 to 1700
Evening Session: 1800 to 2000 (informal 'drop-in' session)

Day 2:
Morning Workshops: 0900 to 1230
Afternoon Workshops: 1330 to 1700
Evening Session: 1800 to 2000 (informal 'drop-in' session)

Closing Presentation: Thursday 19 March, 1830 to 2000